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From Bergamo to Como, a day of great cycling on 15th August


Da Bergamo a Como un ferragosto nel segno del grande ciclismo

The 114th edition of Il Lombardia was presented today at the UBI Banca headquarters.

The route follows that of past editions, taking in Colle Gallo, Colle Brianza, Madonna del Ghisallo, Sormano, Civiglio and San Fermo della Battaglia before the legendary arrival on the Como Lake waterfront after 243 kilometers. The President of RCS Mediagroup, Urbano Cairo, UBI Banca CEO Victor Massiah and RCS Sport Cycling Area Director Mauro Vegni attended the presentation event, together with Giorgio Gori and Loredana Poli, Mayor and Councilor for Sport of Bergamo (the city where Il Lombardia will start), respectively, and Marco Galli, Councilor for Sport of Como (the city where Il Lombardia will finish).


UBI Banca is the main sponsor of this one-day Monument. The race, organized by RCS Sport / La Gazzetta dello Sport, is scheduled for 15 August. The route follows in its entirety the parcours of the 2019 edition, won by the Dutch rider Bauke Mollema and dedicated to the memory of the great champion of Sedrina, Felice Gimondi.





Quotes after the press conference

Urbano Cairo, President of RCS Mediagroup, said: “Being here today in Bergamo, where Il Lombardia will start on 15 August, is an important moment. We would like to bring back a little bit of normality both in everyday life and in a sport like cycling that lives on the streets and among the people. We will host it safely and in collaboration with our partners. This new agreement with an important company such as UBI Banca demonstrates once again the appeal and international reputation of Il Lombardia, and highlights the desire for all parties to restart the season.”



Presence in the territories, of which we are an integral part, and sharing of a fundamental value of life such as healthy competition are the reasons for our support for one of the most important cycling events in Italy,” says Victor Massiah, UBI Banca CEO. “UBI Banca is an historic partner of the communities crossed by Il Lombardy, places where families and businesses reside, which we have served for decades and who can count on the trust that the Bank has been able to gain by supporting their growth and social development projects. The race, starting from Bergamo and arriving in Como, runs through some of the communities most affected by the Covid-19 emergency. This year, we’ll also see a sign of resilience and recovery in areas of the country that are facing a particularly difficult time.



RCS Sport Cycling Area Director Mauro Vegni said: “It will be a particularly poignant Il Lombardia as it happens on the day of Ferragosto [an Italian public holiday]. I believe this year’s race can be a great opportunity for us, for the territories that host Il Lombardia and for all the fans. After this difficult period, we are convinced that helping riders back onto the roads is vitally important.

We have decided to keep the route unchanged. Starting from Bergamo and arriving in Como has grown into a beautiful tradition that everyone appreciates. We will have great international athletes at the start and I am confident that this edition of Il Lombardia will be the occasion for a relaunch for cycling and beyond.



For the Municipality of Bergamo, the Mayor Giorgio Gori and the Councilor for Sport and Youth Loredana Poli said: “Even in the crazy year of 2020, Il Lombardia returns to the streets of the city of Bergamo – a departure that’s filled with symbolism after the Covid-19 emergency that befell our city. In an unusual summer for cycling, the great Classic Monument of Il Lombardia – which will lose its ‘dead leaves’ moniker for this year only – falls only one week after Milano-Sanremo and exchanges its place on the calendar with the Giro d’Italia, in this cycling season distorted by the coronavirus.




Since 2012 our city has hosted the departure or arrival of Il Lombardia on a route that appeals very much to cycling enthusiasts and which guarantees exciting racing. Highlights include the double passage in Bergamo, and the climbs of Colle Gallo, Madonna of Ghisallo and the Muro di Sormano. Our city and our territory leaves behind the painful events of last spring and re-launches themselves to the world for what they are – places of art, culture, charm and great sport, even more beautiful and stronger than before. Happy Il Lombardia to all.



The Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Como Marco Galli said: “In my name and on behalf of the whole municipal administration, I express the greatest satisfaction in proposing sport as a symbol to relaunch our city. The arrival of the Il Lombardia on Saturday 15 August is an unparalleled opportunity for Como and the entire province. The 114th edition returns with its finale in the Como Piazza Cavour, almost a year after the last edition and featuring a start list of great athletes. It will be one of the first races after the long break caused by the pandemic, and so will provide an injection of confidence for those who love sport and, in particular, cycling lovers.


The route, with some of the most arduous and spectacular climbs in European cycling, will be hard, especially if you take into account that it will be tackled on a day that’s usually hot. I am sure the reception will be memorable, both from the enthusiastic cycling fan and the many tourists who head to our city for the first-rate hospitality, incomparable landscapes, and many historical and artistic attractions. Il Lombardia represents an opportunity for sport that we will tackle with passion and professionalism, confirming once again the Lariano territory as a major player in international cycling.”



The route

After departing Bergamo in a southerly direction, the route crosses the Bergamo plain in its first 40km to head up the Cavallina valley to Casazza where the Colle Gallo – the first ascent of the race – is tackled. Colle is followed by a fast descent returning from the Seriana valley to Bergamo, then the route re-enters lowland roads that lead to Brianza. There’s a short passage to Colle Brianza and a descent to Pescate heading towards Valmadrera and then towards Oggiono and, finally, through Pusiano, Asso and down the descent to Onno and on to Bellagio. This is where the Ghisallo ascent – with gradients of up to 14% on wide roads with hairpin bends – begins.



The following very fast descent is on long straights and ends at Maglio where, immediately after a right turn, the climb of the Colma di Sormano begins. After a few kilometers of medium slopes, and a few hundred meters after Sormano, the route heads up the Muro di Sormano on a narrow, very steep road – 2km long with a gradient up to 15%. It’s partly inside a small wood, with very narrow bends and slopes that, for around 1km, exceed 25% up to almost 30%.



Once past the Colma, the route follows the descent to Nesso, where the riders then take the coastal road to reach Como. Next they face the hard climb to Civiglio (614m) with slopes almost always around 10% – and with a marked narrowing of the roadway at the top of the climb – before going back down and through Como to hit the last climb of San Fermo della Battaglia (397m). There are two feed zones: the first at km 94-97 and the second at km 151-154.



Last km


The last 10km start inside the area of Como on wide avenues, up to the railway underpass where the final ascent of San Fermo della Battaglia begins. The slope is around 7% (max 10%). The route passes several hairpin bends up to the brow at around 5km from the finish. The descent, on a wide, well-paved road ends at the last kilometre.

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